Xander is leaving town, huh? Has he never heard of INTERPOL? (General Discussion)

by PatriotGirl @, Thursday, July 11, 2019, 11:12PM (126 days ago) @ Zaneygray

Interpol isn't going to be interested in Xander.

They may be interested in Steffy though for taking a child out of the country who isn't her child. Why else was that written into todays dialogue if it's not going to be used in this plot?.

Why else was the birthmark written in if it's not going to be mentioned again? :oops

Good question. So many things have been mentioned in stories over the years, that were never mentioned again.

I wonder sometimes if they do randomly throw stuff in just in case they need to change direction down the road. Or they do it as a joke to drive us crazy making us think it actually means something when it doesn't. :drunk

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