Xander is leaving town, huh? Has he never heard of INTERPOL? (General Discussion)

by Zaneygray, Thursday, July 11, 2019, 8:52PM (94 days ago) @ angry gal

Interpol isn't going to be interested in Xander.

They may be interested in Steffy though for taking a child out of the country who isn't her child. Why else was that written into todays dialogue if it's not going to be used in this plot?.

No, because Steffy did not knowingly do that. It was written for Thomas to convince Xander not to tell.

I disagree why else would the writers add this into the dialogue unless it would come up as a valid point when the truth comes out. Any adoption private or regular take over 6 months to be finalised and legal Steffy took Beth out of the country before the ink could dry on those illegal adoption papers. I don't believe that it was thrown in there for Xander not telling I think it will be a issue soon.

The children would need papers for traveling out of the country, and if there were an issue with the adoption, it would be made clear immediately when Steffy went to obtain the proper paperwork. It's not going to be an issue, imo.

Thomas was throwing anything he could think of as a consequence (real or not) to convince Xander not to tell the secret.

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