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by Tiqui1999 @, Thursday, July 11, 2019, 3:07PM (101 days ago) @ Lucky13

The look on Thomas face towards Douglas was disgusting. What does he have planned for Douglas or Hope? How can Hope believe that Thomas is manipulating everything. Ugh, this is getting so old. Every day it’s just the same. Give Hope her baby back already! Heck, by the time Bell does give Beth back to Hope Beth will be older and no longer a baby.

Yeah, I was amazed when Hope sat up there and told her mother, who'd just said that thomas was pushing her into something she wasn't ready for, that "actually douglas is the one who proposed."

Dauh, Hope. I thought we went over this. Thomas put him up to it. Why are they making Hope be so stupid in this plot?

And truly, Brooke is right. Thomas is pushing EVERYONE into stuff they are not ready for!

Liam was not ready for an annulment and neither was Hope.

Steffy wasn't ready for a roommate or bootycalls.

Douglas might not be ready to get a mommy replacement.

Emma wasn't ready to die.

Xander wasn't ready to leave LA.

It's insane.

Totally insane. Hope looks like a zombie. Shutting down all of her feelings, and pushing everyone away. This has to end soon

NA is rocking the zombie Hope. I loved KM version of damaged Hope the best, but NA is giving me Hope life, too.

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