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by PatriotGirl @, Friday, June 14, 2019, 5:23PM (97 days ago) @ hopeyougogirl

If Hope and Thomas get married - and Thomas allows Hope to adopt Douglas - if you were Hope, would you take Douglas with you when you left Thomas? Or KEEP Douglas when you kick his worthless father to the curb?

Thomas obviously doesn't care about the kid - look how he used Douglas to get Hope away from Liam.

And if Hope adopts Douglas, she has as much right to the boy as Thomas.

She'll have hell to pay from Ridge and Taylor, but...

what if the rumors are true and Thomas is the one to be killed? if Hope marries Thomas, she would be his legal stepmother and would get to keep him. makes sense to me.

It doesn’t seem like anyone in his family cares too much about him. Shouldn’t be a problem.

IKR?? Brooke and Hope are the only ones who see him or ask about him.. not even a phone call from Caroline's two moms..

Sad, his blood grandfather and aunt don't even pay any attention to him.

Ridge lives with him. Aunt Steffy was hugging him after her return from Paris and he had fun reading to his little cousins at the Cliff House.

Lol, they showed so little interactions between Ridge and Douglas, or Steffy and Douglas..that was my point.

Because Steffy wasn't on screen for several months. Douglas is not onscreen every day either and when he is his time is hogged up with Hope because that is his purpose in the story.

Nay, Steffy's been back for a while now....and it's been a good while since Ridge and Douglas shared any scenes.

A while? This one day has taken over a week to happen.:lol

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