Funniest lines from today’s show (General Discussion)

by PatriotGirl @, Friday, June 14, 2019, 5:21PM (97 days ago) @ kizilay

‪Thomas: Everytime my father would leave my mother to go back to Brooke, he would say it was his DESTINY.‬
‪It used to hurt as hell but now I feel like I understand because I have a destiny too. ‬

‪Xander: You mean, Hope? You two weren’t involved that long and it was years ago. ‬

Thomas: I don’t answer to you, it’s the other way around.

:rofl :rofl Thomas is crazy crazy!

It's really ridiculous. I have never been a big fan of this character. I always saw him as a troublemaker, a womanizer who brings problems to everyone. But he was never written the way he is now. I don't understand where this desperate obsession with Hope comes from. It's like she has bewithced him. At first, I thought he was doing it for his sister so she could have Liam. Then I thought it was all for his son and he wanted to get him a new mother figure. Now it seems like it's ALL about Hope, and his supposed undying, frozen love for her. When did these feelings resurface? All I saw is Hope spending time with Douglas and he was touched by her attention. In the next scene he told Sally Hope is the woman he never got over and he'd do anything to be with her. As if Sally and Caroline were hardly trivial distractions for him all these years. He has been acting totally obsessed since then. If at least Bell could provide an explanation for this, it would help a lot.

I agree. Totally ridiculous and stupid to boot. I'm hoping he has a brain tumor or something to explain away this bizarre and out of the blue obsession with Hope.

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