I thought Steffy was heir apparent ,Ridge: No it’s Thomas (General Discussion)

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.> > > > > > > > This is a game changer. It looks like Bell is creating a Massimo/Stephanie to dominate the

Show the way Susan Flannery dominated back in the day. I thought it was Steffy going to
Take over the reins of corruption but it’s Thomas. I wonder if he’ll start slapping Liam
Around to keep him from Hope on a regular basis.

Why should it be Steffy? Thomas is the older son and firstborn, am I right? But he surely does not deserve it.

As long as Steffy owns 37.5% of the company I think Thomas' dream of he and Hope running the company someday is just that....a dream.

How did Steffy of that 37.5%? How come none was given to thomas? He is the firstborn son and most get the company and so on.

Steffy blackmailed Bill. Tsylor gave her 37.5 to Steffy, she was supposed to share with Thomas, but she kept it all

Steffy did not blackmail Bill for his 12.5%. He insisted she have it after she turned down his marriage proposal. Taylor only owned 25%.

Not the 12.5%, but she DID blackmail Bill and used her body to get FC back from Bill.

Yes I know she blackmailed him by taking Katie's ring off the night table but I didn't see her having sex with him at any time. She just took advantage of his attraction for her to help get the company back for her family.

If Katie hadn't come back when she did, who knows what would have happened.

Unfortunately nothing did. I was a Still fan.

I don't think Bell was ready for them the first time to have sex. Didn't like them together at all back then. But I gave to admit the bedroom scene the last time with them was hot hot hot.

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