I thought Steffy was heir apparent ,Ridge: No it’s Thomas (General Discussion)

by q, Friday, June 14, 2019, 5:03PM (97 days ago) @ hopeyougogirl

.> > > > W> > This is a game changer. It looks like Bell is creating a Massimo/Stephanie to dominate the

Show the way Susan Flannery dominated back in the day. I thought it was Steffy going to
Take over the reins of corruption but it’s Thomas. I wonder if he’ll start slapping Liam
Around to keep him from Hope on a regular basis.

Why should it be Steffy? Thomas is the older son and firstborn, am I right? But he surely does not deserve it.

Wouldn't it be Rick? Thirne? Eric's sons.

I think in this case the one who has the most shares wins. Bell got rid of Rick and Thorne and who knows if they will ever return? Maybe someday RJ will come back as an adult and want his father's shares and the company. :neutral

You're right. Who knows, maybe one day Bell will change the sl again and for some strange reason one of them will lose their shares.

Since Thomas is on a full on manipulation mode right now, he might as well scheme to get Steffy's shares? :whistle

Something like......give me your shares or lose Liam and Phoebe?

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