Why does Liam have to live IN THE SAME HOUSE with Steffy? (General Discussion)

by cranberryboy, Wednesday, June 12, 2019, 10:44AM (99 days ago) @ EsterMD

Obvious reason: because it fits the narrative. because that's what both Steffy & Hope wants. Him to be close to his daughters, (& probably closer to Steffy) & because he has lived in this house for like 9 years. Steffy is offering him a place to say, so why would he refuse??? If he refused, he would feel like Kelly & Phoebe would miss him.
On another note, except Eric, ALL the characters have lived in SB elses house rent free. Bill lived at Brookes & vice versa. Katie lived at Bill's. Wyatt is crashing at Bill's. Maya Ridge & Thomas are living at Brookes. Quinn, Flo & Shauna are living at Eric's. Sally crashed at Thomas' & Bill's. Xander is probably crashing at Zoe. Hope is crashing at her mom's & Steffy has been mooching between Bill's 2 beach houses.
Amazes me how Liam is constantly singeled out. I like that there is a new thread every day about where Liam is sleeping, what he is eating, who he loves the most, where he is working & what he is thinking... :ange :rules :rules

Great post, Ester.

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