Why does Liam have to live IN THE SAME HOUSE with Steffy? (General Discussion)

by PatriotGirl @, Wednesday, June 12, 2019, 8:14AM (99 days ago) @ Twigs

Correct, and he is a free man to do so. But, it was pretty obvious he’s moving in for the girls. It could also give Steffy false hopes there is the potential for more. I definitely could see the wheels spinning in her mind today.

Liam can always just say no and continue to stay in the guest room, since he's moving in for the girls.

He doesn’t have to move in he can come anytime he wants...Steffy needs full time nanny...it’s absurd him moving in...jmo. Does liam even work? He could be daytime caregiver go home when Steffys done working..

Steffy HAS a nanny.

And a mother that's supposedly helping her.

Now she has Liam.

Geez, how much help does this "super woman" need? There's twice as many adults as kids!

I doubt Liam is another live in nanny. He's parent to both girls and Hope insists he live there. In the guest room. This was Hope's wish for him, and I guess Liam is incapable of saying no.

Why would he say no? Hope wants him to be with the Kelly and Beth. She made a sacrifice for the kids. He’s trying to ease her pain. It’s been said over and over. And she didn’t insist. In fact, she said she knows she can’t dictate their life and she trusts they will figure it out. She made her wishes clear and he made it clear it’s not what he wants but he’s doing it for Hope. Steffy seems perfectly fine benefitting from Hope’s loss.

I remember Hope being perfectly fine benefitting from Steffy's loss after her motorcycle accident. Conversation after conversation about how a dead baby could change things for her. And when Steffy walked away handing him to Hope on a silver platter, she still couldn't seal the deal.

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