Why does Liam have to live IN THE SAME HOUSE with Steffy? (General Discussion)

by BoldMarco, Tuesday, June 11, 2019, 8:55PM (99 days ago) @ EsterMD

Obvious reason: because it fits the narrative. because that's what both Steffy & Hope wants. Him to be close to his daughters, (& probably closer to Steffy) & because he has lived in this house for like 9 years. Steffy is offering him a place to say, so why would he refuse??? If he refused, he would feel like Kelly & Phoebe would miss him.
On another note, except Eric, ALL the characters have lived in SB elses house rent free. Bill lived at Brookes & vice versa. Katie lived at Bill's. Wyatt is crashing at Bill's. Maya Ridge & Thomas are living at Brookes. Quinn, Flo & Shauna are living at Eric's. Sally crashed at Thomas' & Bill's. Xander is probably crashing at Zoe. Hope is crashing at her mom's & Steffy has been mooching between Bill's 2 beach houses.
Amazes me how Liam is constantly singeled out. I like that there is a new thread every day about where Liam is sleeping, what he is eating, who he loves the most, where he is working & what he is thinking... :ange :rules :rules

Exactly! I always view it as the producers minimising the number of sets required at any one time. It's lazy, but financial and for floor space on the set.

And here it's to conveniently show Thomas that Steffy and Liam are having happy families so he can change his mind about telling Steffy about Phoebeth. Hence, dragging this out more and more...

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