Is Steffy being rewritten purposely to represent... (General Discussion)

by ShortandSassy, Home of the Carolina Panthers :), Tuesday, May 21, 2019, 3:13AM (121 days ago) @ muppetfish

Steffy slept with her father in law and her family blamed him for taking advantage of her, told Liam it was ONE mistake (which was a lie) and he needed to forgive/forget about it and go back to her. All her scheming and lying was ok even though Hope could have gotten hurt because Steffy was insecure which was Liam's fault (she knew when she set out to break them up with Bills help he loved Hope but it was still all his fault per her family and fans). Her stealing Katie's ring was on Bill. Her making out with a married Bill was a ok for her but not Brooke or Hope lmao... If Hope had bought a baby for 250k and offered Steffy's husband to be the father the week she lost her daughter all **** would have broken lose on the boards. Why because it's disrespectful to try and replace one daughter with another. That's just some of the crap we have been dealt that has been white washed about Steffy. The fact I hear she alone got the company back still annoys me because it's a flat out lie!!! Unless Eric, Taylor, Ridge and Stephanie wrote the checks for the money they couldn't get the company back. It was also Stephanie that made them lose the company everytime.

Love with no regrets!!

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