Is Steffy being rewritten purposely to represent... (General Discussion)

by Lucky13, Thursday, May 16, 2019, 11:56AM (126 days ago) @ Drangonfly

Is keeping Steffy as a strong, independent single mother who is also career successful as part of the MeToo Movement? It shows that women can rear a family, be career success and doen't need to rely on a man. Go Steffy!

The Me Too movement is about sexual abuse. But I am very interested in seeing what Steffy does if/when Hope and Liam break up. The way she was written right before she left for Paris, I don't see her wanting Liam back. If she does, it would be a step back from the woman that gave those speeches last summer. I think she's actually going to support Hope and Liam. I think she'll do this by telling her crazy brother to back off.

Thank you! I was going to say that; the Me Too movement is not about "single independent women". It is about coming forward about sexual abuse. I have to admit I like Steffy better than in the past; but, sorry, a woman with a full time nanny, a very well paying job, and a strong family support system is not necessarily a strong independent mother with a career. A strong independent woman is one who balances career, children, and the total upkeep of the home on her own (as so many women in this country do) without a huge bank account and a full time nanny.

I agree. However, I cant like Steffy. Every time I say anything nice, I get a Hope bash in return, so I absolutely refuse to like Steffy in any way:lol

:cool I understand completely. :-D The all too frequent baiting on this board (on all sides about almost all characters) is why I am cutting down on my posts.

The only thing that makes me want to bash Steffy is reading a post that bashes Hope. Especially with wildly exaggerate stuff that goes completely against what was seen

Totally agree with both of you! I can be so very nice, but I will defend my girl

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