Arkansas Democrat Gazette Recap (Spoilers)

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Ridge spoke by phone to Brooke who decided to book a flight back home. Eric explained to Thomas that Thorne moved to Paris to work through his grief at losing Darla and Aly. With Thomas home, Taylor pleaded with Steffy to stay in Los Angeles so the whole family could be together. Hope took Douglas on an adventure to her cabin to give him family time. Thomas told his parents what was happening in New York. Ridge was surprised when Taylor suggested that Hope might be a good match for Thomas. Katie was impressed by how much Bill had changed. Wyatt assured Liam that he is not alone. Brooke got a surprise upon arriving home.

Hope takes Douglas to the cabin yet Liams daughter has never been there. She is a piece of work.

How about just having a scene where Hope actually holds Kelly. I'm still waiting on that one. :whistle

Why? The episodes last 19 minutes. You think the fact that they don't include every single thing the characters do in their lives in that 19 minutes means we should assume they never do them?

If Hope is supposed to not care about Kelly don't you think the writers would allude to that in the dialogue? There has not been a single thing shown or said on the show to indicate that she doesn't care about her.

I highly doubt the writers put their heads together and say..."We need to show that Hope doesn't care for baby Kelly. Let's never show her holding her. That'll do it." :oops

If i have to watch a scene with Liam rubbing hope's feet, why not one of hope holding Kelly?

That foot scene was something I wish I could unsee. :cry

Guess you missed it when Stephanie rubbed Eric's feet!

I guess I did.:wink

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