Arkansas Democrat Gazette Recap (Spoilers)

by Barbybo, Sunday, March 17, 2019, 8:03AM (183 days ago) @ Twigs
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Ridge spoke by phone to Brooke who decided to book a flight back home. Eric explained to Thomas that Thorne moved to Paris to work through his grief at losing Darla and Aly. With Thomas home, Taylor pleaded with Steffy to stay in Los Angeles so the whole family could be together. Hope took Douglas on an adventure to her cabin to give him family time. Thomas told his parents what was happening in New York. Ridge was surprised when Taylor suggested that Hope might be a good match for Thomas. Katie was impressed by how much Bill had changed. Wyatt assured Liam that he is not alone. Brooke got a surprise upon arriving home.

Brooke’s boreing...more cake fights etc old stuff ..jealousy between taylor and Brooke hundredth time zzzzzzz.i read Brooke catches tayler smooching ridge ...same old weird scripts...kelly never goes to the cabin now that’s odd too...Katie and Bill, she’s the best with him she calms him down ...taylor pushing liam is too weird she should want better, Steffy on business trip is good...she’s moving on...whole week sounds blah but sports fan have something to look forward to great ..thanks for spoilers..;-)

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