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by q, Wednesday, February 13, 2019, 10:01AM (295 days ago) @ EmaU

She keeps saying Hope stole her life, that's no different. She in fact decided to walk away.
She needs to own her actions all the time not just when it gets her praise. Either she is the victim or she is the strong woman who walked away with her head held high she can't be both here. Liam was honest with her that things had changed from the beginning

It’s NOT incompatible
It’s a FACT Hope’s pregnancy derailed Steam PLANNED reunion
Liam had planned to forgive the ONS bc he still loved Steffy and wanted the family he planned with HER.
Steffy COULD have fight to keep Liam when he was torn between his 2 families but she did not
She chose not to fight, but she regrets what could have been (If Hope has stayed pining for Liam in Europe instead of coming back to chase after her husband)

Hope did not come back from Europe to chase after Steffy's husband. Ridge asked her to come back to surprise brookr to make himself look good. Hope supported Steffy and started to help until she found out Steffy boinked Bill.

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