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by EmaU, Wednesday, February 13, 2019, 7:05AM (277 days ago) @ Lucky13

Didn't Steffy decided her marriage was over because she couldn't give Liam kids, hand him over to Hop and take off for Paris? Then she came down and tried to get him back as he was getting ready to marry Hope.

Steffy came back bc a life altering situation had changed ... the reason she ended their mariage didn’t exist anymore ....
Hope wanted Liam back JUST bc SHE changed her mind ... the reasons she ended their engagements remained ...

She not to long ago walked away but has already said she wanted him back and that Hope stole her life.

No. She wishes she and Liam had reunited like they BOTH plan to.
The ONLY reason Steam did not reunite was Hope’s pregnancy... it’s a FACT.
Steam were about to marry again despite the ONS and despite Hope s chasing of Liam ...
Steffy is not shown plotting a Lope divorce bc they lost their child like Hope did for Steam while Steffy was still at the hospital

How did Hope being pregnant stop Liam from returning to Steffy and her baby

Heuh ... Liam had proposed again to Steffy ... He wanted back the family he had planned with her since they married again
Then Hope came with the new of her unplanned pregnancy ... and asked him to return to her ...
No unplanned baby , Steam reunited ...

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