Seems like we have a new triangle now.... (General Discussion)

by Barbybo, Monday, February 11, 2019, 8:42PM (251 days ago) @ Viola

Hope/Beth ("Phoebe")/Steffy. :lol

Hope likes being around "Phoebe" cuz it makes her "feel like everything is going to be okay and it might help her get through the impossible". But Steffy thinks it's "unhealthy" and it wouldn't help her heal.

I guess this must be the "conflict" Bell was talking about between Hope and Steffy.

I don't see the conflict, frankly. Steffy is just a little worried and for good reasons, but that's it. For now, Steffy is the mother, period. soon the truth will be out, she will do the right thing and give her back to Hope, th end. There is no big conflict. They are being civil and compassionate with each other.

The conflict is in their viewpoints regarding Beth/"Phoebe". Hope feels it's comforting for her to be around "Phoebe", but Steffy thinks it's "unhealthy". It's pretty obvious to me that Hope wants to be around her more's a way of healing, but Steffy thinks just the opposite..she doesn't believe it will be healing for Hope. Looks to me, Steffy wants to eliminate Hope's visits with "Phoebe".

So far, all three..Hope/Liam/Steffy are having a mature, civil conversation, but if Steffy stops Hope from seeing "Phoebe"..the two women will have issues.

It is unhealthy for Hope to being around Phoebe.

and for Liam it's therapeutic... :rofl

Hi viola, I think he’s a little too comfortable at Steffys ...

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