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by muppetfish @, Monday, February 11, 2019, 4:34PM (279 days ago) @ ShirleyB#1

Both girls have done the "noble/unslefish thing" of letting the idiot go, but what is typical of Hope is her feelings robbed and always wanting him back unlike Steffy who literally kicked him to the curb this time and is not claiming she was robbed when in fact she was!

steffy WAS robbed - and if hope was not pregnant liam would have worked on his marriage to steffy

I think Hope planned it I mean she’s not a teen .....mommy must have told her about birth control.....maybe her preach messages should include. Don’t pick married men but if you do use birth control..

i'm sure that taylor told steffy to get pregnant. she thought that was the only way to beat the logans. so taylor's preach message was... gotta get pregnant right away or hope will take him from you... over and over...

Not shown

didn't say it was shown. I started the post with... i'm sure...

Exactly. When you're sure of something it's usually because it's factual. That statement wasn't.

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