TV Watercooler Spoiler for the week of Feb. 18 (General Discussion)

by bellabean, Monday, February 11, 2019, 12:35PM (297 days ago) @ Lucky13

Wyatt updates Bill about Thorne and Katie’s marriage.
Hope confides in her mother.
Sally is in for a surprise.
Hope makes a decision about her marriage.

Since Hope doesn’t want to go through another pregnancy, she will probably set Liam free so he can have a family. Steffy will be thrilled, she has another chance at her poster being reality!

That would be a fairly immature decision on Hope's part, unless she only married Liam because of the pregnancy.

This impulsive immature behaviour from Hope is exactly why Liam got involved with Steffy to begin with. She has not changed one bit
Leaving the ring on the mantle and running off then changing her mind ...
Well TOO LATE ... Liam had a taste of Steffy and Lope NEVER was the same ...

I guess Hope can't dellude herself totally ... She knew Liam was reuniting with Steffy ... her pregnancy changed that and wrecked Kelly's family ...

Maybe she can repeat her own dialogue when Steffy's baby died ?

why would her pregnancy change that? they were both pregnant, on a level playing field. one of them had to be alone and it was his choice to decide which one. so liam just picked the one he loves most. HOPE..

I did not see Liam pick anyone - I saw steffy remove herself from the romantic pool - hope was the only 1 left

Just shows me Steffy wasn't worth fighting for

Then by this standard, neither was Hope. She was gifted to Liam by default!:rofl

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