TV Watercooler Spoiler for the week of Feb. 18 (General Discussion)

by MsBold @, Below the Mason-Dixon line, Monday, February 11, 2019, 10:57AM (297 days ago) @ muppetfish

Wyatt updates Bill about Thorne and Katie’s marriage.

Hope confides in her mother.

Sally is in for a surprise.

Hope makes a decision about her marriage.

Since Hope doesn’t want to go through another pregnancy, she will probably set Liam free so he can have a family. Steffy will be thrilled, she has another chance at her poster being reality!

That would be a fairly immature decision on Hope's part, unless she only married Liam because of the pregnancy.

Not immature, but putting the needs of others in front of her own, which she usually does

She didn’t do that when Liam had a infant and she had sex on a cabin floor

liam did not have an infant when he made mad passionate love to his soulmate in the cabin,

Steffy was very close to giving birth. You don't recall? I guess the poster misspoke about the age.

I guess she did... and yes I do recall that steffy hadn't given birth yet. an infant and an embryo are worlds apart IMO.

don't think you can call it an embryo in the last trimester, but a viable baby.

Thanks! I was born at 6 months and here I am today. I don't think I was considered an embryo!:lol

Team Liam Logan!!!

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