TV Watercooler Spoiler for the week of Feb. 18 (General Discussion)

by q, Monday, February 11, 2019, 10:16AM (277 days ago) @ Heather172

LOL that would be typical Hope..... After everything she has done to snag Liam from Steffy and Kelly, she is going to hand him divorce papers, out of nowhere...... Ala Thorne with Katie.... Too funny...

I'm not gonna jump to conclusions, but "makes a decision" definitely sounds like the marriage is over, ... and to hell what Liam truly wants, because she has decided so..... It's how I see it happening...

But wait until she learns her baby is alive.... She is going to change her mind in a heartbeat, like she always does..... She leaves, Liam moves on and once he's happy again, she wants him back and whines to everyone that she was robbed..... Who didn't see it coming?... :rofl

Isn't that what Steffy did? Her baby died, she runs away, hands Liam over to Hope, gets her uterus fixed and runs back to Liam to have his baby. Hope gets robbed and Steffy's life gets stolen.

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