Do you want a Hope and Wyatt reunion? (Spoilers)

by MegsMom, Monday, January 14, 2019, 2:11PM (281 days ago) @ TexasFan

Wyatt was always Hope second choice, and he was the interloper. He lied, he conspired, he stole, he blackmailed and manipulated, and begged a lot. When Hope had the choice, she always chose Liam. Thats also how I remember it.

And yet Hope married Wyatt. Hope told Wyatt she loved him, wanted a future and a family with him. So was she lying?

She was lying to herself.

Then I guess Steffy was lying to herself as well. Some love to paint Wyatt as the bad guy, but in fact, neither Hope nor Steffy were forced into marrying him. Both could have said no, neither one of them did.:whistle

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