Do you want a Hope and Wyatt reunion? (Spoilers)

by Steamfan339 ⌂ @, Sunday, January 13, 2019, 5:01AM (282 days ago) @ Darling1911

They will mourn the loss of their baby this week, after a year of Hope being onscreen. So could this be the start of something happening between them? Wally are boring as hell and some hate to admit it, but Hope would make them interesting. Wyatt is cool by me but Sally and them do wonders for insomnia.

They need a reason to be onscreen and they don't have one, at least Watie were cute and fun, and they had true internal conflict, with Will. What does Wally bring? Thomas is gone.

Absolutely not. Hope played both brothers against each other, married Wyatt because Liam was late in Paris then pretended nothing was her fault. Wyatt was Hope's doormat.

Also he's finally in love with a woman whose not still in love with his brother.

You don't really know that. Sally had a history with his brother before him. He didn't even have to touch her... One smile and she couldn't stop talking about him. Just support her, give her money and she claimed to be madly in love with him and said she never met anyone like him. :lol I think she would fall in love who any rich man, but it was quick with Liam.... She chased him, begged him and even stalked him to his beach house and then his hotel room, 3 times. He had to reject her and tell her she was just a friend to him. She tried more than once and she failed. She burried her feelings. She moved on because she had no other choice, and then Thomas came back. Wyatt sounds like a good rebound and choice my default to me. If she had met Rick, or Xander, or Zende or Thorne at Bikini that night, she would be with him the same way, probably. And when it comes to the brothers, I don't think she is much different from Hope, Steffy and Ivy. Liam has shown zero interest in her since he turned her down in his hotel room, the last time... But her high opinion of him hasn't changed. If he starts spending time with her, lifting her spirit, talking about their past, confiding in her and saying what she wants to her, it would certainly reignite her feelings. Who knows, if JMW goes on maternity leave and Liam needs support from another woman, I bet Sally will be happy to be there for him. If I were Wyatt, I wouldn't let anywhere near her or he might overhear the same kind of declaration Quinn overheard from Ivy. :-D

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