will brooke and hope be mad at steffy for adopting phoebe (General Discussion)

by Steffyfanatic, Saturday, January 12, 2019, 1:28PM (274 days ago) @ Shimster
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I’ll be waiting for the reveal. Lope reunited with their child and the baby taken from Steffy. She has a healthy, happy child. There was no urgent need for her to adopt. Steffy is being selfish and insensitive. No surprise

There doesn’t need to be an urgent need to adopt. And I fail to see why Steffy should pass on adopting this baby when the opportunity is brought to her. Steffy had already expressed that she wanted to adopt before Beth “died” and as far as she knows there’s a young woman who is looking for a home for her child so why wouldn’t Steffy take this child in? It may be hard for Hope but whether it’s today or a few months from now Steffy adopting won’t change that she lost a child and it certainly won’t lessen the pain if she pass on adopting this child but thank goodness Steffy doesn’t wait cause she just might be Lope’s saving grace where Beth is concerned.


Bill to Steffy: You're a grand prize. You're a queen. The total package. Brains, beauty, warmth, heart. I've always known that about you. Don't you ever doubt how extraordinary you are.

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