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by Twigs @, Friday, January 11, 2019, 6:40AM (337 days ago) @ muppetfish

How has Hope treated Sally like dirt? I think you are mixing her with Steffy. She sided with Bill to break her and Thomas up. She sided with Bill to destroy her busiess and company She wanted to send her in prison. She physically assaulted her. What has Hope done to Sally, exactly? She told her she wouldn't design for her? If Sally could forgive Steffy for all her nasty lies and manipulations against her, I think Sally can forgive Hope for this little disagreement they had months ago. And why wouldn't Sally feel bad for Hope? Even if my worst ennemy lost her baby, I would feel awful for her. Good for her. I hope Sally and Hope can eventually become friends.

She didn’t. She didn’t let the person that stole from FC design. How terrible. I guess it would be better if Sally was happy Hope’s baby died because of that one scene, even though since then, Sally was involved in the successful relaunch of HFTF, Hope has supported the line Sally designed and Sally went to Hope and Liam’s wedding and they were fine. I guess Sally isn’t as dedicated to hating Hope as she should be. SMH.

How was Sally involved with HFTF? by getting Hope glasses of Water? the reason Sally went to Steffy was because Hope didn't let her do anything meaningfull!
Hope wasn't supportive of the line Sally designed for because she was still whining about not getting more money for her line that she bungled. She creeped on the rehearsels only to end up in arguments about it not being fair. She didn't even watch the fashion show.

It was not her place to question Sally's hire or to make her life miserable after the hire. Everybody Sally wronged was on board on hiring her, only the one person that wasn't there for any of it was being a total bish.

I disagree with your interpretation, but whatever happened, obviously , none of that matters now to Hope or Sally. Tragedy will do that for decent human beings. I don’t care about Sally and she really has not had much to do, this gives her an opportunity to be involved in a major storyline instead of just having sex. If I were a fan of the character I would be happy to see some depth. As a Hope fan, I’m interested to see this interaction. I get tired of the constant hate between characters and fan bases. It’s rare characters get to have scenes that don’t involve Steffy in some way or petty crap. I find this refreshing.

Liam: I don't want Steffy. I want you!

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