Even if Beth isn't alive... (General Discussion)

by Drangonfly, Thursday, January 10, 2019, 1:38PM (372 days ago) @ Brenda3

...Liam is not going to leave Hope and go back to Steffy. Not even for Kelly.

Of course, down the road their marriage will end when the writers decide to go in a different direction. Happily married couples are not sustainable because soaps need turmoil in their characters' lives in order to stay on the air. No angst = no drama.

But based on what's happening NOW I don't see it happening. Liam has already mentioned that he and Hope will have another baby. Even when Hope was too sad to talk about that, he insisted to her that they will. He is looking toward their future. Together.

Yes and the major reason for that is Steffy is not Hope. She isn't using the death of a child as a means to get back Liam. She isn't going to be in his face telling how it was meant to be and he owes to them to be with his family. You know all the things that Hope did as soon as Steffy lost her child.

You know, Hope gets a lot of criticism for that, and I won't begrudge Steffy fans their right to hold it against her. But did you ever ask yourself why Liam even went to see Hope that day? I mean, his wife was lying in a hospital bed after having JUST lost their baby and what does he do? He goes to see Hope. And in that conversation he told Hope that he was glad to have her.

Then just a short time later he told his Dad that he was thinking of leaving Steffy. For Hope. Why? According to what he told Bill, it was because Hope was his first love and she was still in his heart.

I think the reason Steffy is not thinking about pursuing Liam now and won't be in the near future is because she knows that Liam is where he wants to be. It's where he would have been years ago, if Steffy hadn't ever gotten involved.

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