Even if Beth isn't alive... (General Discussion)

by PatriotGirl @, Thursday, January 10, 2019, 12:08PM (380 days ago) @ harper1

...Liam is not going to leave Hope and go back to Steffy. Not even for Kelly.

Of course, down the road their marriage will end when the writers decide to go in a different direction. Happily married couples are not sustainable because soaps need turmoil in their characters' lives in order to stay on the air. No angst = no drama.

But based on what's happening NOW I don't see it happening. Liam has already mentioned that he and Hope will have another baby. Even when Hope was too sad to talk about that, he insisted to her that they will. He is looking toward their future. Together.

I'd take it wih a grain of salt. When he went after Steffy in Europe he begged her to come home; said they could adopt , that there are other ways to be a family, etc etc. empty words, as usual.

Spoilers said lope would become complicated and that in turn would create conflict between steffy and Hope. so i'm guessing the happily married thing is not gonna happen for lope.

That is not a Spoiler. It's a made up rumor from Steffy fans

Nope, it's in the 2019 preview per Brad Bell.

Bill said yesterday, and I think he's said it a couple times, that Lope's love is strong and they'll make it through this. Bad sign for Lope. :lol

Yep, it's like the kiss of death.:rofl

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