Would it be so terrible if... (General Discussion)

by Lope2.0, Friday, December 07, 2018, 1:34PM (283 days ago) @ PatriotGirl

...Liam took Kelly to his place on Christmas Eve - SANS Steffy?

Steffy can spend Christmas Day with Kelly - it's what divorced parents do.

Liam and Steffy ARE NOT married - and pretending they're a family when Liam is at Steffy's (plus that silly picture) is only going to end up confusing Kelly in the long run.

Yes. Steffy wants to spend Kelly’s first Christmas Eve with her. Liam should have thought of these things before he decided to get it on with Hope at the office while Steffy was home caring for their newborn (or so he thought). He should have thought of this before he knocked up another woman while waiting on his wife to give birth to his firstborn. Stefffy should not be made to suffer the loss any first with Kelly because it was Liam, along with Hope, who decided to wreck their family.

Steffy decided to wereck her own family when she boinked her father-in-law while married to Liam and carrying his child... Liam had already dumped Steffy months before he knocked up Hope papers had been filled and he told her they were done, they did nothing wrong... All on Steffy and she knows she screwed up

No Liam had not actually dumped Steffy, he was very angry with her, but he never signed the papers, never made her sign them so he could file. Called her his wife and said numerous times that he loved her throughout those months. He was also on his way home to her when Wyatt told the lie and he rebounded to Hope and then he signed and filed the papers afterwards.

He told her it was over very clearly.... "I'm filing the annulment papers, all right? It's too much! It's too much! These past few months, it's nothing but pain and suffering and more suffering and more suffering, and I can't, I can't live this way. I have. I have to find a way to move on with my life. There's nothing else I can do." She begged him not to leave her, and he walked out and slammed the door...

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