Bridge sex next week? (General Discussion)

by Curiosity12, Thursday, October 11, 2018, 2:14PM (400 days ago) @ Lucky13

Who made all these decisions and assumptions? Not everyone finds Brill boring and not everyone thinks that bullies and girls that ride their FIL are Queens.
To me, Bell is finally fixing the Steffy show and shrine and some LOVE it. IMO

These are neither decisions nor assumptions. Just an opinion of one person- myself. I definitely don't speak for others, in fact, I resent people who pretend to speak for others or worse yet, everyone.

I am happy you enjoy Brooke and Bill. I don't like the chaotic and inconsistent writing. I find it quite ridiculous. If they wanted to reunite Brooke and Bill, they should have waited. The time is not now. Brooke and Ridge just recently got married and Bill just came off proposing to Steffy. The writers need to learnt to choose a direction and commit to it for more than 10 seconds.

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